Palantir and Ringier Extend Digital Transformation Partnership

DENVER & ZURICH, April 19, 2021 –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR) and Ringier AG today announced they have renewed their strategic partnership to provide Ringier with software to further its digital transformation and accelerate its shift to a digital-first global media company.

Ringier uses Palantir’s Foundry software to harness the power of data in order to better serve and inform readers. By expanding reach and enhancing the relationship to its audience, Ringier is able in turn to increase the revenue needed to fund quality journalism. In addition to being used in newsrooms, Ringier also uses Foundry to improve performance in the advertising departments across its media brands.

Foundry transforms the way organizations operate by creating a central operating system for their data. It allows for the integration of siloed data sources into a common operating picture, leading to better data-driven decision making across the enterprise.

Ringier embarked on an ambitious digital transformation plan more than a decade ago, embracing the shift from a legacy newspaper business into a diversified, digital-first, global media company through significant investments in technology and skills.

“Ringier provides premium journalism. Yet, the European digital publishing space is changing. We wanted to be able to arm our journalists with the best possible data, so they could better serve and inform our readers. Palantir’s world-leading integration technology enabled us to create a secure, comprehensive data foundation that enables experienced journalists to make more informed decisions about what content best serves their local communities,” said Marc Walder, chief executive officer of Ringier AG.

In the case of, one of Switzerland’s top digital properties, up to 85% of the newsroom’s team looks at Foundry every day to analyze readership and performance, and set goals associated with these analytics.

Foundry’s easy-to-use interface allows people of all technical ability to interact with data, while its granular access controls ensure only the right people have access to the right data at the right time.

“Ringier is one of Switzerland’s most innovative and iconic companies, and we could not be more proud to be expanding our partnership,” said Alexander Karp, co-founder and chief executive officer of Palantir. “We have learned an immense amount from Ringier, whose history stretches back nearly two centuries, and are privileged to work with such a pathbreaker in its field.”

Palantir is proud to have a strong presence across Europe and in Switzerland, working with global leaders such as Merck KGaA and Airbus. It has an office in Zurich and plans to continue its expansion in Switzerland.

About Ringier
Ringier AG is an innovative, digitalised and diversified Swiss media company operating in Europe, Asia and Africa. Its portfolio includes around 125 subsidiaries in the print, digital media, radio, ticketing, entertainment and e-commerce sectors and leading online marketplaces for cars, property and jobs. As a venture capital provider, Ringier supports innovative digital start-ups. Ringier, a family company founded in 1833 as a publishing house and printing plant, has invested consistently in digitalisation and global expansion in recent years. Today, over 72 per cent of its operating profit already comes from digital, where Ringier is a leader among European media companies. Ringier’s core values are independence, freedom of expression and a pioneering spirit. Additional information is available at

About Palantir Technologies
Palantir Technologies is a software company that builds enterprise data platforms for use by organizations with complex and sensitive data environments. From building safer cars and planes, to discovering new drugs and combating terrorism, Palantir helps customers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors transform the way they use their data. Additional information is available at

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