Cerner Achieves 500th Patent with Voice-Assisted Technology

Company builds on long history of industry-leading innovation

KANSAS CITY – December 2, 2019 – Cerner Corporation has achieved its 500th patent, a new innovative voice-assisted technology designed to make it easier for clinicians to document the details of a patient visit on a mobile device. This milestone builds on Cerner’s legacy of technological advancement and industry-leading patent portfolio, validating the company’s rich 40-year history of transformation at the intersection of health care and technology.

Documentation becomes easier, faster and hands free with voice-assisted technology, bringing clinicians out from behind the keyboard and instead engaging directly with patients about their health. Cerner’s 500th patent expands its work in leveraging voice inputs and natural language processing to reduce the clinician’s documentation burden. The technology captures the verbal interaction between a clinician and patient to document the medical visit. Information relevant to the patient’s care is identified, extracted and presented directly on the clinician’s mobile device. The shorthand clinical note created helps the clinician complete more comprehensive documentation at a later time.

“Our development of emerging technologies like voice recognition will help arm clinicians with tools that empower them to more fully engage with their patients and deliver smarter care,” said Dr. Tanuj Gupta, vice president and physician executive, Cerner Intelligence. “We’re tapping into our renowned history and expertise in health care technology to set the pace of advancement in the industry. Through our agile iterative approach, we’re bringing new innovation to our clients faster than before with the goal of making care delivery easier for clinicians and simpler for patients.”

With its 500th issued patent, Cerner has signaled a competitive edge in supporting clients through the next era of health care digitization. The company’s strong commitment to R&D is proof of its dedication to bringing forth new technologies that improve clinician and patient experiences and revolutionize how care is delivered. Leveraging its legacy of innovation and disruption, Cerner continues to seek new ways to build on top of the platforms it created and develop new solutions to shape the future of health care.

Cerner’s patent program is constantly evolving to address health care’s macro trends and advance the way clients deliver care. The company is exploring additional patents that support the migration of data to the cloud, intelligence and analytics to improve clinician and patient experiences, and predictive analytics and AI to improve health outcomes.

SOURCE: Cerner