CHRISTUS Health Achieves Substantial ROI with Imprivata

New study quantifies the clinical and financial value of single-sign on

Lexington, Mass.– July 17, 2019—Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company, today announced that CHRISTUS Health saved clinicians 49,057 hours per year ­­­— ­the equivalent of 4,088 12-hour shifts — by implementing Imprivata OneSign®, the leading healthcare enterprise single sign-on (SSO) and virtual desktop access platform, across 19 hospitals.

For the study, “An Evaluation of the Clinical and Financial Value of Workstation Single Sign-On in 19 Hospitals” published this month in Perspectives in Health Information Management, CHRISTUS Health, a 5,558-bed independent delivery network operating in six U.S states and three foreign markets,  quantitatively assessed the impact of SSO and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementation in reducing clinician time logging in to the electronic health record (EHR) and various clinical software programs.

“We estimated that over 15,000 physicians and other clinical end users in the CHRISTUS Health system were required to recall anywhere from eight to 20 or more passwords, resulting in them spending valuable time entering multiple usernames and passwords, and resetting forgotten credentials, which diverts time and attention from their care of patients,” said Dr. George Gellert, former Regional and Associate System CMIO at CHRISTUS Health and the study’s lead author. “Implementing SSO and VDI helped CHRISTUS provide fast, easy, No Click Access to patient information with only a tap of a proximity badge, accelerating and easing EHR use, while increasing the security of personal health information.”

Recording 186,606 logins across 19 facilities over two 7-day periods, the study found that CHRISTUS Health experienced a substantial clinical and financial return on its investment in Imprivata OneSign. Across the enterprise, SSO delivered substantial time savings in the workflows of physicians, nurses, and ancillary clinicians, giving them back the equivalent of 78.6 12-hour shifts (or 943.4 hours) per week, which equates to $3.2 million per year in time savings when clinicians are liberated from the EHR keyboard to instead focus on the delivery of patient care.

The study also assessed financial savings garnered from migrating to a thin client to replace traditional hard drive computer workstations. The elimination of expensive computer station hardware saved CHRISTUS $425,000 per year. Coupled with the liberated clinician time recouped by Imprivata OneSign, CHRISTUS achieved a total return on investment of $3.6 million per year.

“In this increasingly digital world where complex clinical workflows can interrupt patient care and lead to physician burnout, we’re thrilled that CHRISTUS has realized the positive effects of SSO on clinician satisfaction, and demonstrated cost savings over time,” said Gus Malezis, President and CEO of Imprivata. “Our customers have been reclaiming dollars and efficiency with Imprivata OneSign for years, no matter the size of the organization, their location, or their existing technologies. It’s a time-tested, proven ROI and, in this case, CHRISTUS’ strategic planning and attention to detail has resulted in better than average time savings.”

Imprivata OneSign transforms slow, repetitive, and error-prone logins into fast, secure, and reliable access. Imprivata can save providers an estimated 45 minutes per shift, per day, improving satisfaction levels, and driving technology adoption. To explore how your providers can gain valuable time back in their day with Imprivata OneSign, use the Imprivata ROI Calculator.  

For more information about the proven value of SSO at CHRISTUS, listen to the recording of the live Imprivata webinar with Dr. George Gellert, or read the CHRISTUS success story on the Imprivata website.

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