Vocera Addresses the Intersection of Technology and Humanity at CXO Roundtable

A focus on patient-led design and innovation will reshape the future of caring

SAN JOSE, Calif. October 22, 2018–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCRA), a recognized leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions, today announced that its Experience Innovation Network will convene its 15th Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Roundtable October 23-24, 2018, in San Francisco. This invitation-only event will focus on ways to empower patients and families to lead human-centered design innovation in partnership with clinicians.

Research published by the Experience Innovation Network shows that many health systems are getting better at including patients in traditional improvement strategies, but more work is needed to deeply engage patients and families as co-architects in all aspects of care. This milestone CXO Roundtable will kick off with an interactive discovery and design workshop with six patients. Partnering with Nick Dawson, Chair of the Executive Board at Stanford Medicine X, this workshop will teach participants the principles and practices of a successful patient-led design process to reshape the future of caring.

“Healing healthcare starts by empowering patients with the tools they need to lead design innovation and continues with engaging healthcare leaders to give them the power to use those tools,” said Bridget Duffy, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Vocera and co-founder of the Experience Innovation Network. “It is time to transcend traditional ideas, break down silos, and reimagine new ways care teams work together with patients and families.”

Keynote speakers for the CXO Roundtable are Chip Conley, MBA, author of “Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder,” and Patch Adams, MD, founder Gesundheit! Institute. Conley, the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and strategic advisor for hospitality and leadership at Airbnb, recently founded the Modern Elder Academy to help people reframe and repurpose their lifetime of experiences to add greater good to the world. He is also collaborating with the Experience Innovation Network to create an academy cohort for healthcare professionals to mentor the next generation of leaders.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Patch Adams has devoted his life to changing healthcare and healing people with joy and creativity. In 1971, he founded Gesundheit! Institute and has been relentless in his mission to care for others without a voice. His work has helped inspire global discussions about healthcare delivery with a focus on compassion and service to ease the suffering of humanity.

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