The Breezi AirPulse Raises Your Smart Home’s IQ

The smart HVAC monitoring device features Amazon Alexa integration to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and avoid high repair costs

Chicago – AHR Expo – January 7, 2018 – Breezi launched its AirPulse intelligent Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) monitoring system last week during CES. AirPulse is elevating the smart home experience above simply controlling your light switches and entertainment systems to communicating with your house to reduce energy usage, avoid big repairs, and save money.

HVAC systems behave like living organisms. They breathe, sleep, and eat, and if not cared for properly, become overworked and sick. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), clogged air filters force HVAC systems to use up to 15% more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. Clogged filters also increase the strain on the HVAC system itself, which is why 9 out of 10 HVAC equipment failures are related to dirt buildup, according to the Cooperative Extension Service. Yet, DOE research also finds that fewer than 30% of Americans change their filters on schedule.

Even homeowners who change their filters regularly are not changing them at the right time. Factors such as the season, homeowner behavior, and the location of each filter determine how frequently they need to be changed. AirPulse takes the calendar and guesswork out of when to change filters by keeping tabs on their actual condition. In addition, AirPulse listens for more severe mechanical problems with your HVAC, enabling Breezi to provide early warnings before they become expensive equipment failures.

How AirPulse Works
Installing the AirPulse could not be easier: Push the small, elegantly-designed unit into the filter. There’s no need to drill holes in ducts, or find an external power source.

AirPulse’s small size belies its power. With an array of sensors to detect HVAC health and environmental conditions, along with onboard algorithms to transform the data into information, AirPulse is real dynamo. Its differential pressure sensors track the filter condition, while readings from the temperature and humidity sensors help determine conditions that could promote mold growth. It even monitors indoor air quality and warns when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as acetone and carbon monoxide are present.

Additionally, the embedded acoustic sensor monitors listens for signs of mechanical trouble so the embedded AI can determine the exact cause. AirPulse immediately warns users about any issues, and recommends what preventative maintenance steps they can take to avoid much more costly repairs in the future.

“Alexa, What’s Wrong with My HVAC?”
The BreeziBot feature in the accompanying Breezi iOS and Android app gives homeowners a familiar interface to chat directly with their home about health of their HVAC systems, determine when it will be time to replace filters, and learn about their homes’ air quality.

AirPulse also features integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice-enabled virtual assistant. With the Breezi Alexa Skill, users can issue Alexa commands and ask questions such as:

  • “How’s my downstairs air filter?”
  • “Check alerts from Breezi.”
  • “Why is it so hot in here?”
  • “What’s wrong with my HVAC?”
  • “Alexa, can you help me save money on my utilities?”

“We have developed AirPulse to work like a fitness tracker for HVAC systems to help you keep your HVAC in tip-top shape, so your household is always comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient,” said Tim Seaton, CEO and Co-Founder of Breezi. “No more worrying about whether the A/C unit will break down in the summer, or if the home’s air quality is healthy for the new baby. We’re giving the user full control, and turning the common homeowner into the family superhero.”

Breezi is partnering with utility companies and insurance providers nationwide on a pilot program to distribute AirPulse to homeowners in Q1 2018. AirPulse is also scheduled to be available directly to consumers later this year with an estimated retail price of $50.

Breezi also has entered a strategic partnership with the world’s leading filtration company, MANN+HUMMEL. Together the companies will extend Breezi’s technology into the automotive and commercial building sectors.

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SOURCE: Breezi