Intel Unite Solution Powers Smarter, Immersive Classrooms

SANTA CLARA, CA – November 15, 2017 – At this year’s California Educational Technology Professionals Association event (CETPA) on Nov. 14 to 17, Intel was among several technology companies demonstrating new technology solutions for the modern classroom and was the winner of this year’s Wireless Projection Shootout session.

In a technology showcase and competition today, Intel’s Dave Buchholz demonstrated why the Intel Unite® solution, a collaborative meeting technology that unifies multiple technologies, is quickly gaining popularity in the education space. Intel Unite centralizes controls for technologies often found in classrooms – displays, projector and interactive whiteboards – so instructors can focus on the curriculum and not fumble with inputs, dongles and remote controls.

Classrooms are the ultimate challenging meeting space – a room full of more than 20 people who are easily distracted and want to focus their attention in a million different directions. How can meeting leaders – teachers – bring everyone together to focus on one thing?

CETPA attendees saw firsthand how the Intel Unite solution wirelessly displays content to any device while untethering teachers from their desks to freely walk around classrooms and engage students. Buchholz showed how quickly teachers can display content so classes start quickly, saving minutes by eliminating delays for setup and device synchronization. From there, he exhibited different collaborative tools built into Intel Unite, such as real-time annotations, allowing teachers to draw students’ attention to specific items. He went on to display how instructors can easily customize it for their individual classroom needs and integrate controls for adjacent collaboration technologies. For example, Intel allows partners to build on top of the Intel Unite solution, resulting in a host of plug-ins available at the Intel Unite App Showcase.

With the Intel Unite solution, Intel demonstrates best practices learned from meetings in professional settings, which can be applied to create more efficient and effective educations settings for both teachers and students alike.

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